Running From Myself

Although I travel a thousand miles in a day, when I reach my destination I find myself waiting in desperation. Wherever I am I suppose I will always be me, no matter how much I wish to be someone else. At home I found the struggle to be more oppressive, and more hopeless, but it... Continue Reading →



If ever a machine was truly unhappy, Dack Ordee was that machine. His remotely humanoid build allowed him the ability to squat in the shadows of the barn in which he hid. But it was uncomfortable and Dack knew he looked ridiculous. He hated the way his rusty joints squeaked and ached when he sat.... Continue Reading →

"The thoughts attached to the real desire of the seeker will lead us to him and him to us." - Anonymous poster found on a Parisian wall circa 1622

The Path

Far out over the highlands, and across the moors, where civilized men scarcely roam, and the ones who do return with wild tales of strange spirits and even stranger happenings, out in the far reaches of the wilderness where pagan deities still hold nature in their thrall, there is path. A lonesome, desolate path, once... Continue Reading →

"The tree stretched upwards, crawling up the cliff. Kilometers of twisted growth, climbing higher than the mind could comprehend. Any sense of scale was lost in the vastness of the plant and cliff. Its branches stretched out like the limbs of some animal, reaching out to find finger and toe-holds, invisible from below. Thousands of... Continue Reading →


Something is out there, waiting in a whisper, dreaming within silence. A voice drowned, In the dull roar of the crowd. Listen closely, It is crying out in the void, quietly, but with such force, An ocean’s tide cannot erode, Hell’s flames cannot devour, the emptiness of space cannot stifle, a frenzied vibration of indiscernible... Continue Reading →

City of Sin

Red brick castles belch murderous crows into the sky, Raining deadly ash on bowed heads and hunched shoulders, Smoke-hued birds of prey swooping towards cobbled streets Where pale-faced and haunted creatures scurry And scrabble in the mud of their toils   The click-clack of wheels and hooves a hammering drone Drowns the cries of infants... Continue Reading →


I may bend but I will never break. Through all things, I endure. Though I am scarred and ripe with bruises, I have survived, while the storm that assailed me has died away. Still, I am not the same. Whereas I once stretched out, trying to pluck the moon from its perch, my arms are... Continue Reading →

When You Left

When you walked away you left with not just a part of me, You took my soul in its entirety. Without your eyes to gaze through my universe is shaded gray. The motion of my being continues but it is a shallow imitation of the life I once had, during those precious few moments when... Continue Reading →

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