I Remain

Salvation will not be denied me. I am preparing myself for the rest of eternity, and I plan to live forever. Come with me if you have the courage. Footsteps leave a trail you can trace a quarter of a century into the past, only a dent in the storied history of our young world but each one has sent shock waves through the solar system that future generations will feel. September 24, 1988 my mother birthed me but I was already older than my mortal body will ever be. My soul is more ancient than the hills, more powerful than the raging surf, and brighter than the hottest sun. And it will go on, without end, just as it always has.

Although I know not of an afterlife after this corporeal casing has shriveled and returned to dust, I am not afraid for my body to die. The soul that burns within me is too fierce to ever be snuffed out, the heart within my heart beats too strongly to be turned off like a machine when my corpse ceases to breathe. No power in Heaven or underneath it can stop the essence of me from fulfilling its destiny. That is my salvation.

Many wars I have fought, struggles in the material world and battles within myself. I encompass all things within the frame of my mind. And I will always triumph. Whether or not I was created by God or have always been, I am what I am and I am me. So shall it always be. Heaven is not my final resting place, for I do not plan to rest for long. Hell itself cannot contain me for it has always has only as much power over me as I allow it to. I have slain demons without number, and caused the angels to quake with fear. I have not walked on water, but I have drank from mighty rivers and allowed the ocean to buffet me and still I live. The eye of the tornado has looked away, unable to hold my gaze. Lightning has danced around me, but will not strike me for fear that I will strike it back. My lungs devour the sky above me, trees are felled in my path, no mortal creature or ethereal being has ever bested me for long. I rise, and I conquer.

When Sol has burned itself out, when this ball of rock has grown cold, when the winds no longer whistle in the night, when mountains have crumbled, the moon crashed down, clouds lost their buoyancy, the birds ceased to sing, when men are but a memory, when love has died, still I will remain.


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