Piece of Mind

That elusive thing again slips away into the shadows. Peace of mind broken into pieces of my mind and spilled across the floor. Rolling beneath the furniture like marbles I am losing. Every time I chase one and reach for it another catches my eye and slips from sight. Then I’m left again, sitting in a crumpled heap, my energy slowly seeping out like a styrofoam cup with holes in the bottom. Pinhole perforations scattered across me and I can’t connect the dots. I try anyway but the picture it makes is skewed and surreal. An imperfect picture of another crazy jigsaw puzzle is what I have become. And the pieces still don’t fit, and some are missing, but I still have too many. Strangers come along and see the mess I’m in. They all have advice to give me but the lines are crossed again and I only catch more fragments to complicate the mirror of myself. Shattered reflections reveal the brokenness I am and the division of everything that was once me. I have tried to tape the shards back together but the cracks still remain and now my fingers are laced with new wounds to add to the scars that never healed right. More liquid to drip-drop and lubricate the floor. So that thing can slide away more easily. Into the shadows, away in the night. Out of sight, and always out of my mind.


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