If I should never return

Let your mind turn from grief

And your eyes be dry of tears.

Although it may be hard to understand

Why I am no longer part of your life

I hope you never think

That you were not the biggest part of mine.

I had to go and find my path

And if it meant losing everything I hold dear

Then that was to be my fate from the first day that I breathed.

Without you the life I lived would have had no meaning,

And even though the loss of me may seem pointless and bitter

Please look at the good times that we shared

And know that my heart only beat when nestled safely in the palm of your hand.

Despite the fact that I am gone away

And I can no longer reach out in the dark to feel you next to me,

I promise to reside always in your deepest thoughts.

When you think of our life together

May the thought of me grace your lips with a smile

And if you must cry

Let the tears you taste be bittersweet

Because bitter is the pain of loss

But sweet I hope my memory

Will always be to you.


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