To the women of this world,
It is written that Eve first bit the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil after succumbing to temptation, then led man to it and convinced him to eat of it as well. But according to the source, Adam was the one who, when confronted by his God, turned around and said “The woman who You gave to be with me, she gave me from the tree, and I ate.” There it is. Whether or not you believe this story to be true, it clearly demonstrates how quick a man is to throw the woman who brings him his greatest joy in life right beneath the wheels of an oncoming bus in order to save his own worthless skin.
God was not impressed. Adam was banished from the garden right along with the woman who had, in his mind, caused him to sin.
As men we love to blame our women for all of the problems we experience in life. It is a sign of how weak men really are on their own that they must find a scapegoat to place such blame on in order to feel better about themselves. Behind every strong man is a strong woman. We’ve all heard it. But the quote should really read: Beneath the feet of every weak man lie the women he has betrayed.
Men hurt women. From the pain of childbirth to the sadness of our premature passing, we cause them pain. In every man resides the greatest evil towards the sex we classify as weaker and lesser. The world was built by men who have abused women, neglected their needs, stepped on them as if they were mountains to climb. The very society we live in is based upon treating women as the lesser, and holding our own worthlessness as the standard of what is good. Women have been treated as second class citizens. They have been enslaved, raped, forced to work for us, beaten, manipulated, murdered, and used to every selfish end that an evil mind could conceive of. I believe that men see the strength in women, the compassion, that nurturing instinct and the love they can give, and they are so frightened by the fact that they lack these same qualities that they will stop at nothing to take these gifts from the other sex and leave them with nothing.
It is in every man to treat women with disrespect, to use them for our own gain. Because of this we have a responsibility to act as protectors towards them. It is on us to overcome our animal instincts and base desires, and treat our precious women with the dignity and love that such graceful beings deserve. It is a serious responsibility, one which men must be made to understand. And it is a responsibility that most men flee from, and all men have failed to live up to.
Every one of us holds at least one woman in high regard, our mothers, wives, and sisters we generally try to treat in a manner we believe to be fitting of their status. That is not enough though. As men we must remember to look at every single woman, every young lady, as someone who is dear and special to someone else. We must make this idea relate to our own relationships. Each and every woman in this world is somebody special: someone’s daughter, someone’s mother, sister, lover, best friend. To forget this is a travesty and a disservice to the world. To forget is to believe a lie that allows us to mistreat those who deserve it the least.
To every woman that I have ever wronged, ever lied to, ever taken from, ever touched without love, ever looked at with lust, ever pretended to care about when I only cared for myself: please forgive me for being such a wicked man. I cannot right the wrongs of the entire human race, but perhaps with my words and actions I can do something to make a small difference. That is where change must start. As men we must each accept our share of the blame. We must work to correct it. We must promise to remember how precious women really are, and how lost we are without them, and mean it. Then we must act on these ideas, and no matter how many times we slip up, for we shall, we must never give up loving women.
I do not want to be a part of the vicious cycle that causes men to treat women poorly, then leads to women believing that this is how they deserve to be treated. Somewhere, somehow, this cycle must be broken.
I am unsure of what this will look like, but I am making a commitment to try. I want to shoulder my part of the responsibility that has been given us as men. When God asks me why I ate the fruit of the tree, I’ll tell him: Because I am a man and my weakness is greater than my strength. Pray for me to be stronger.
Mr E


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