A Port (p. 2)

Brother do you think me a madman?

Father have I let you down again?

Mother do you fear for my future?

Well understand please, if you care to.

Deeper yet, I plead with you to see,

Immerse yourself for once in my world,

Swim in my ocean of hurt.

If you can stand the tide for one night,

Know that I have stood it all my life.

And for the first time as I rove upon the waves of change

I have found that one place where I may finally dock,

That home where I may debark and walk upon shaky legs,

That distant refuge where I can finally rest,

Despite the dreams and memories,

Of storms which shall always haunt me.

Yes, haunted will I always be,

As is the place I have chosen,

To call my own,

In the end I guess I needed this,

That resting place which is so restless,

In as much need of my soul

As I am for a place to leave it.

Finding this may be unexpected,

Looking different than anyone would think.

But it is.

It is.

Here is where I want to be.


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