Her Eyes

The human brain directs two eyes through its optic nerve. Two eyes that can only focus on one subject at a time. You cannot stare into both eyes of another human being, and no matter how lost you may be in the gaze of your love, both of those eyes are also staring into only one of yours:

Gazing into that dark pool ensconced within her striated iris, I lost and found all that I would ever be. “Lost in her gaze” conveys this idea: that the way her eyes appear to mine is enough to consume my whole existence. An eye, at first glance like any other, but the minutiae of which contained so many interwoven shades, stunning and subtle all at once. An eye, its shape so filled with the grace that I know will shear the shape of my life into what can only be described as a beautiful one, welled over. Filled to the point of overflowing this meniscus reflected the passion from my own eyes, the tension on the surface mirroring that within me, that which I longed to verbalize. Then it broke.

A single tear spilled the bounds of that sacred rim, and rolled, uninvited, down her soft cheek. As it checked itself, another gathered its strength at the edge of her eye. She blinked and the base of a lash passed through the sphere twice , before it too took the plunge, and followed its leader on the same course, that glistening trail, which led back to what only she knew to be true.

The first tear, tired from its journey, and the moisture it had sacrificed to make that truth known, gathered its final strength and projected itself downwards. A leap from the perfect jaw that had momentarily given it rest.  A dewdrop, a piece of rain, falling to shatter like glass into an end which was only to be forgotten against the torrent which it had begun.

Oh, the sight of that single eye. That pool of fractured light, ignored by so many throughout her life, but holding a depth that remains the key to a universe unknown, a universe revealed to me by the lifting of the veil which guards the entrance to this heavenly realm when she sleeps.

Through this shimmering portal I take the plunge, and bathe myself in the rapture of an existence that was a moment ago just a fantasy. Here, sinking beneath the pool of her eye, I drown in the depths hidden therein. Here I no longer need to breathe, for I am born anew. And though the spell that binds me lasts but for a moment, I reside in the eternity of her tranquil soul.

From this vantage point, swaddled in the bliss I have found within, I peer out at the world through a new window. I see all that I have ever been pass across the stained glass of this window, but it is no longer my life, these are images on a screen, memories of a distant past I would never return to, played out like an all too familiar film.

In this moment, within her gaze, I have found myself. I see the future, just as I see the reflection of myself across the surface of her eye, and I know that I am here to stay.


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