City of Sin

Red brick castles belch murderous crows into the sky,

Raining deadly ash on bowed heads and hunched shoulders,

Smoke-hued birds of prey swooping towards cobbled streets

Where pale-faced and haunted creatures scurry

And scrabble in the mud of their toils


The click-clack of wheels and hooves a hammering drone

Drowns the cries of infants starving in gutters filled with detritus


Oh great city, that bloody hands have wrought.

This monument to sewage and filth.

A bustling metropolis with a heart of ruin,

The lives of your denizens hide the face of your tomb.


Countless weary feet traverse your wicked alleys

And cold chambers, treading over the rotting corpses

Of those lost souls sacrificed to construct you.


Woe is man, who has built this dark god,

To slave away his days in bondage to,

Only to be consumed by this monster

When the burden of his labor has broken him,

And he finally falls below.


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