Something is out there,
waiting in a whisper,
dreaming within silence.
A voice drowned,
In the dull roar of the crowd.
Listen closely,
It is crying out in the void,
quietly, but with such force,
An ocean’s tide cannot erode,
Hell’s flames cannot devour,
the emptiness of space cannot stifle,
a frenzied vibration of indiscernible lines,
drawing together,
that which was separated by time and place.
Unbreachable barriers,
crumble before the power,
Of that which now lies ahead,
The entire future in this moment,
Open the ears within and hear it,
The fury of the storm
is the splash of a single dewdrop.
All things as one.


One thought on “Synergy

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  1. My coworker once said that “Synergy” is a meaningless word that management uses. But this is my new definition of it.


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