I came alive on a crisp Colorado morning, as the first rays of sunlight grace the mountains, revealing again their regal splendor, then find there way through the blinds to where I lay as one dead. With fluttering eyelids I took in that bright orange glow, comforting in its promise of warmth to come. Something inside me was different than the night before. Though as I lay there trying to grasp what it was, I could not pin it down. As I lay and pondered my new life, I stretched beneath the covers, catlike, taking my time to work out all of the kinks. I recognized the same familiar aches and pains, but there was a delicious freshness about them that I could not explain. Pushing the covers aside, I swung my feet down to the carpet, and sat for a moment, just feeling its texture on my feet. The sensation of taking root came over me. Rubbing my face in the sunlight I breathed deeply. The first breath I had ever taken could not have been so sweet as each new one I drew. It was then that I realized what had changed. That burden,  I had been carrying, the one in my heart….It was gone! The realization made me smile, then laugh aloud. Waves of emotion surged within, all of them good. Euphoria washed over me as the though resounded over and over in my head: I was Free. I stood up and stretched my arms in the sunlight, basking in its glory. The bonds that had kept me locked in misery had been broken. No longer was I a prisoner, chained to the thought of death like a boulder dragging me beneath the sea. The darkness has been rolled back from my eyes, and I know that I have taken back my life.


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