The First Man

At first there was a man. Just one. He didn’t have a name because there was no one to name him. So he asked the Stream, “Stream, who am I?” But the stream just laughed at him and carried on its way. Irritated but undeterred the man went to Tree and asked again, “Who am I?” In reply Tree just whispered nonsense into the breeze. Frustrated, the man set out deep into the woods to find someone who could name him. He came across Rabbit, but Rabbit ran. Then he saw Deer, but Deer ran too. Exhausted the Man plopped down on a rock and fell asleep. He awoke to hot air being huffed in his face. It was Bear, leaning over the man and breathing heavily. “Finally” thought the man, “Someone can tell me my name.” Looking deep into Bear’s massive yellow eye he asked his question again. “Bear, who am I?” Bear peered at the Man quizzically for a moment then grunted, “You are lunch.”

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