Travelers II

Who can say with certainty,

In what far-off realm these paths that our souls follow first met,

And became so inextricably intertwined?

Your heart and mine, always beating in rhythm,

yet cursed to pulse in solitude,

until at last completed by that other half it took us both

so long to find.

Small wonder that lonesomeness had found us both,

Incomplete as each was without the other near.

Along our wayward paths we wandered,

Side by side but distanced by the harsh miles separating our roads.

Fate it was, for these two byways to collide,

For I to trip across the tangled stones which cobble your streets,

For you to stumble across my sadness

sprawled in an intersection that was ours alone to cross.

Delicate your hand, which was so selflessly offered to lift me,

But strength was lent you to give me by Eros’ will

Your hand I took in mine, the contrast plain to see,

My rough callouses melting instantly in your clement grasp.

To my feet I scrambled, shaking still in the knee,

Afraid to gaze upon you, for fear a fleeting phantom all you were.

Could it be, or dared I think, that you were the one I believed,

Who I longed for when too weary I became to cast aside my hopes?

And maybe, just maybe, the same to you I would seem.

I dared not dream in years gone past,

That such a thing could be.

Alas I thought my fate forever,

Was to wander on my own.

Yet there an angel stood above me, softly smiling down,

Your ethereal countenance so bright I had to shade my eyes,

From the radiant splendor which threatened to take my sight.

Alone no longer on this highway I must toil,

Towards a future unbeknownst me.

You are with me wholly, and I with you

Our roads now merged as one.

No obstacle past present or to come,

Shall divide our walks again.

Indivisible are spirits shall remain,

Hands link our two bodies,

Like hearts link our selves,

Two beings together as one unit,

Strengthened in our resolve,

Inspired by the sweet thought of the other,

We follow our quest, ever onward

Towards the future that unfurls before us

In destiny’s awaiting arms.

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