Rolling Stone

It’s hard to believe

I was once so deceived,

that I ever gave my trust

That your love was really lust,

It was something I could not see,

that you hated you, then hated me,

Keeping your misery company

that’s why these things were done to me,

Why the breathless dream we crafted

would soon take on the form of shackles.

When the book of me I let you read,

instead you made the ink stains bleed.

And when I let you deep inside,

you took my soul and crushed my pride.

and left me shattered in a wreck,

with heavy head and broken neck,

My chest peeled back exposed,

like the petals on the rose.

Impossible it felt to close that chapter,

without knowing what was after,

so I begged you not to leave

slowly sinking in my grief.

For so long I was your slave,

then a dead man in the grave,

with no way out of the mire,

except for death and funeral pyre.

Not today though things have changed,

though I do still find it strange,

it seems the fates have chosen,

to leave love’s waters frozen.

Perhaps I knew it all the while,

empty hugs and deadly smiles,

I saw the writing on the wall,

but was afraid to take the fall.

Yet I know I will survive,

because you could not take my life,

and you could not cage my mind,

it was in me all the time.

So I choose to just forgive,

all the hurtful things you did,

and though sometimes it pains,

I no longer feel the shame.

Life flows on as does the stream,

with you no longer in my dreams,

so I  follow where it courses,

mind runs free as wild horses.

As I roll on all alone,

with a face that’s set in stone.

I never thought I’d see the day,

when I took the time to say,

I forgive you,

I forgive you.

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