Rhyme Scheme

You just want to be me

but I just want to be free

If I was on the TV

you still couldn’t see me

You miss the point believe me

In books you could not read me

I dropped the heeby jeebies

Because I hate throwing freebies

Like frisbees through the air

catch these missiles if you dare

Tell me why I should care

to trim my beard and comb my hair

so I can fit into your image

while you’re lost in the scrimmage

Like an extra in a movie

even stars couldn’t do me

As I light up like the sun

blowing smoke just for the fun

So now you see you’re stuck

And you just ran out of luck

I’m fresh out of bubblegum,

And still as dope as they come

Getting naked getting facelifts

While you’re every efforts wasted

I just laugh at Queens and Jacks

who got a chip up on their backs

Chasing fame but its pain

Hate the player hate the game

Dropping truth collect the change

Point your fingers whose to blame

I guess really all I’m saying

is I’m done with all this playing

Pull the monkey of my shoulder

feeling young as I grow bolder

My style is hot and yours is colder

Still military like a soldier

I think its better you don’t try

Flap my wings and then I’m fly

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