The Truth and You

The truth it seems, and you,

are mutually exclusive.

Two circles complete,

each perfect in its form,

with no intersection

along the path,

of their circumference.

Your perfection is a sham.

Honesty does not share,

its hemisphere with you,

If the truth was searching

for the north pole,

You’d be somewhere in Antarctica,

Swearing that

Every snowflake

is the same.

In your web,

of Machiavellian deceits,

still you scheme and plot,

to entangle me,

like wriggling fish,

in your filthy net.

Slithering slimy,

forever you seek,

to worm your way

back into my life.

To infect and infest me,

mind and soul.

To gorge yourself,

malignant as a tumor,

chewing through,

the fibers that connect

me to all that is real,

so you can feed

your selfish growth.

They say,

“Kiss and makeup.”

But yours is the kiss of death.

And no makeup

could cover your ugly.

Just a mask of charm,

once so convincing,

now transparent

as the thinnest ice.

See-through as glass,

yet distorting what lies beneath.

And I, never again,

shall tread upon,

those frozen waters.

Lying in wait,

with the evil intent,

to plunge me down,

to drown me once again,

‘neath that hollow pane.

Once you blocked the sun,

from shining in my window.

Now each day,

it wakes me,

with a glowing kiss.

Alone I rise,

unafraid and unconvinced,

smarter now,

for the pangs I suffered,

at the whim,

of your mercy,

so cruel.

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