Me Without You

Without you there is nothing. To spend eternity lost in your gaze, is too short a time. You are the ground beneath my feet when I feel I have nowhere to stand, and you are all of the stars in my universe when the blackness of the night time sky fills me with melancholy. Our souls met upon a Heavenly shore that the poets could only attempt to describe. Grace and beauty you have defined for me, until now they were but words. Dying to myself no longer hurts, because I can live for you. Before you found the real me, I was hiding from the truth. Now I know what true love means, it could be no other way.

All of me belongs to you, and always has, even when I did not know it. All of the good and bad, the joy and hurt, are pieces of the puzzle only we can share. You have taken all of the misery and replaced it with laughter, the pain with pleasure, the meaningless with the purpose I feared to let myself seek. I am the best man I can be because of you.

When I thirst you are not simply a cool drink of water, you are the river I drown in and the air that brings me back to life. You are the rain clouds over my parched earth, the sweet taste of freedom upon my lips. More than a traveling companion, you are the very road I travel upon, and what you see as your imperfections are but places of contentment for me to linger in upon the way. You are the forest I am lost in, the tree I lean on, and the shade beneath which I find solace.

The gentle curve of your neck was made for me to slide down so that I could land in your arms embrace. Your smile is the light of the rising sun. Upon your shoulder I can finally rest my weary head, your cheek the softest pillow caressing me into bliss. In your hair I have found the true colors of the sky at dusk. The perfect lines of your body beckon to me, crying out in a secret language that I alone understand. Inside of your eyes I see the real me, the one who stands by your side, and through these shimmering portals we communicate that which these cumbersome words cannot express.

You are my queen, my life, my only love.

أنت ملكتي، حياتي، حبي الوحيد.

Hold my hand and walk with me and I will never leave your side

عقد يدي والسير معي وأنا لن تترك جانبكم

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