Man was born to create. Look to the stars and in your awe find the inspiration to ascend.

Stuck in 1988 Wordsmith is a comic-book quoting neo-luddite with a flair for the dramatic and a penchant for old noir films. Join him as he rambles pointlessly about stuff only he could possibly have wasted enough time to think of in the first place, and watch as his mental health deteriorates into a four-ring circus, complete with tri-cycle riding cymbal playing purple elephants. Coming this summer its….

this blog.

Thanks to anyone who reads this.

Anyone interested in my writing, wanting to share thoughts or connect can contact me at ghostmonkey@post.com



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  1. Hi, may I ask your name? I would love to analyse your poem “Consumerism” in an essay for college, but we’re required to know the author’s name.


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