Me Without You

Without you there is nothing. To spend eternity lost in your gaze, is too short a time. You are the ground beneath my feet when I feel I have nowhere to stand, and you are all of the stars in my universe when the blackness of the night time sky fills me with melancholy. Our... Continue Reading →

Tip Me Over

I am a rover, I roll like a bolder, and as I grow older, my life has grown colder. Forlorn hope of the stone wolf, staring out cross a lone gulf, Wishing for help but trapped in this hell, in the distance I hear the knell of the bell, The right words could save me,... Continue Reading →

Unholy Spirit

Your pain is not your own it belongs to me. Though I am not the cause I have bathed in your misery and drank it down until it made me sick Maybe someday I will know what it means to be happy. These days there are many times that I think I am. Then I... Continue Reading →

This Life

Life is a journey towards death. All roads lead to their inevitable end, and we the travelers move each day one step closer to the termination of the path we call life. Some of the roads we walk are long, turning and twisting along their way, while others are a direct path to that final... Continue Reading →


I gaze into a pool of glass And the reflection of my face Stares not at me but through me Lines of care on this worn facade And eyes like haunted caves Who is the man I look upon What worries left the wrinkle On his brow And that forever stare I think of all... Continue Reading →


I am not a fideist. For reason is that most precious gift, that drives me to question, with a skeptic's eye, the fantasies espoused, and cloaked as truth apparent. Still I must acknowledge, the mystic quality of paths that I have walked, through forests enchanted, and the ethereal nature, of fields in which I've wandered,... Continue Reading →

The Truth and You

The truth it seems, and you, are mutually exclusive. Two circles complete, each perfect in its form, with no intersection along the path, of their circumference. Your perfection is a sham. Honesty does not share, its hemisphere with you, If the truth was searching for the north pole, You'd be somewhere in Antarctica, Swearing that... Continue Reading →

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