Unholy Spirit

Your pain is not your own it belongs to me. Though I am not the cause I have bathed in your misery and drank it down until it made me sick Maybe someday I will know what it means to be happy. These days there are many times that I think I am. Then I... Continue Reading →

This Life

Life is a journey towards death. All roads lead to their inevitable end, and we the travelers move each day one step closer to the termination of the path we call life. Some of the roads we walk are long, turning and twisting along their way, while others are a direct path to that final... Continue Reading →

Far from Home

I stand at the foot of the mountain. My hand shields my gaze as I peer upwards, And inwards. The wind swirls about my naked knees as I start my ascent. I listen to its howl and realize it is my own voice, Desperate for a counterpoint, a harmony, anything. The cry of my soul... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Thinking

I've been thinking lately, about the weight of things. The things we collect along the way. And those things we treasure and spend our lives trying to preserve. All the while "things fall apart" and the true weight of what we carry cannot be quantified in terms of mass.    I once was sure that... Continue Reading →


My heart is heavy but I must press on. There are those that need me and I cannot afford to fold, though the way ahead is unclear and my footsteps uncertain. Sometimes it seems that all I have known is pain and I must remind myself of the truth. Of happy days and laughing, holding... Continue Reading →

What Have We Really Won?

"The Only Thing We Have To Fear is Fear Itself" 1964 - War on Poverty Campaign Announced 1971 - War on Drugs Officially Begins under Nixon 2001 - Invasion of Afghanistan kicks of the “War on Terror” Since the 1960’s we seem to have become a profoundly unhappy people, constantly focusing on the divisions between... Continue Reading →

Climber [redux]

Above me the moon watches over another sleepless night. Its ghostly splendor an immutable backdrop against which the turmoil of my life plays out in stark contrast. Reveling in that wonder, I lift my hands into the night sky. I am Babel. My height is without measure. The span of my outstretched arms is like... Continue Reading →

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