I gaze into a pool of glass And the reflection of my face Stares not at me but through me Lines of care on this worn facade And eyes like haunted caves Who is the man I look upon What worries left the wrinkle On his brow And that forever stare I think of all... Continue Reading →


I am not a fideist. For reason is that most precious gift, that drives me to question, with a skeptic's eye, the fantasies espoused, and cloaked as truth apparent. Still I must acknowledge, the mystic quality of paths that I have walked, through forests enchanted, and the ethereal nature, of fields in which I've wandered,... Continue Reading →

The Truth and You

The truth it seems, and you, are mutually exclusive. Two circles complete, each perfect in its form, with no intersection along the path, of their circumference. Your perfection is a sham. Honesty does not share, its hemisphere with you, If the truth was searching for the north pole, You'd be somewhere in Antarctica, Swearing that... Continue Reading →

Flowers and Such

Its been two and a half years since I wrote this, and more than a year since I last felt this way. As far removed as I am from the madness of the cage I lived in, I can still remember the pain, the deception, the shame I felt as I blamed myself for everything,... Continue Reading →

Bombs Over Calais

As darkness falls from Heaven’s Door, Lend your ear my friend once more. Hear the whispers, screams and growls. Hark the sound, a ghostly howl. Above the noise of engines churning, Beneath the hearts of soldiers yearning. The black cloaked vultures far ahead, Come to claim the living dead. Inside the ruins crumbled stone, The... Continue Reading →


Upon the infinite reaches of this eternal branch perched, gazes slant across the ruins of an ancient age. Permanence of emperors and gods, sweeping across time's forgetful visage, unaware they are of the same who fell before. From antiquity to futures unforeseen, nestled in the dark bosom of a chasm unabridged, hope lies in wait,... Continue Reading →

Rhyme Scheme

You just want to be me but I just want to be free If I was on the TV you still couldn't see me You miss the point believe me In books you could not read me I dropped the heeby jeebies Because I hate throwing freebies Like frisbees through the air catch these missiles... Continue Reading →


I am Mowgli who has slain the beast, that great tiger who promised to devour me. I dance upon his corpse for the battle is won, and I am triumphant. But the wolves I imagine have come alive. I can see their eyes glowing from the shadows around me, like hot embers from a dying... Continue Reading →

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