If we could consume the world, we would all gorge ourselves in an instant. To sacrifice eternity, humanity, all we know, for a brief moment of pleasure. This is our nature, one of greed, of self-serving at any cost. It is our driving force, our only motivation. To take all we can, and keep others... Continue Reading →


To Fly A Kite

I went out the fly a kite one day, when a wind came up and blew it away. I held on tight to pull it near, and ended up floating through the air.

Shelter Me

My only power is my greatest weakness Although I hide my pain inside this fragile fortress I give myself completely to anyone and everyone Who come strolling down the path into my heart. Past the blindness of the gargoyles that I built To watch over all that makes me vulnerable. Through the walls of clay... Continue Reading →

The Outlaw

Born of blood and raised on violence, the life of a rider it was all that he knew.   He was an outlaw of course. The rabid son of Harley Davidson, living life faster than the law allowed.   Death had begot him and he begets murder in turn. A temper hot as the sun,... Continue Reading →

Flowers and such…

When the road winds back on itself, And if I find the very same face of disappointment Staring bleakly from the rock in which I carved it, I come to the realization: My heartaches are my own, I as much a part of my world as it is a part of me. The bitter taste... Continue Reading →


Something is out there, waiting in a whisper, dreaming within silence. A voice drowned, In the dull roar of the crowd. Listen closely, It is crying out in the void, quietly, but with such force, An ocean’s tide cannot erode, Hell’s flames cannot devour, the emptiness of space cannot stifle, a frenzied vibration of indiscernible... Continue Reading →

City of Sin

Red brick castles belch murderous crows into the sky, Raining deadly ash on bowed heads and hunched shoulders, Smoke-hued birds of prey swooping towards cobbled streets Where pale-faced and haunted creatures scurry And scrabble in the mud of their toils   The click-clack of wheels and hooves a hammering drone Drowns the cries of infants... Continue Reading →

When You Left

When you walked away you left with not just a part of me, You took my soul in its entirety. Without your eyes to gaze through my universe is shaded gray. The motion of my being continues but it is a shallow imitation of the life I once had, during those precious few moments when... Continue Reading →

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