Something is out there, waiting in a whisper, dreaming within silence. A voice drowned, In the dull roar of the crowd. Listen closely, It is crying out in the void, quietly, but with such force, An ocean’s tide cannot erode, Hell’s flames cannot devour, the emptiness of space cannot stifle, a frenzied vibration of indiscernible... Continue Reading →


City of Sin

Red brick castles belch murderous crows into the sky, Raining deadly ash on bowed heads and hunched shoulders, Smoke-hued birds of prey swooping towards cobbled streets Where pale-faced and haunted creatures scurry And scrabble in the mud of their toils   The click-clack of wheels and hooves a hammering drone Drowns the cries of infants... Continue Reading →

When You Left

When you walked away you left with not just a part of me, You took my soul in its entirety. Without your eyes to gaze through my universe is shaded gray. The motion of my being continues but it is a shallow imitation of the life I once had, during those precious few moments when... Continue Reading →


Looking ever forward towards what? The hope of a peaceful death? An end to the madness that defies your journey towards knowledge, towards self? Needing more, you reach for it groping in the dark, a blind man in the sun. You put the universe in ordered terms yet it remains beyond your ability to understand.... Continue Reading →

Travelers II

Who can say with certainty, In what far-off realm these paths that our souls follow first met, And became so inextricably intertwined? Your heart and mine, always beating in rhythm, yet cursed to pulse in solitude, until at last completed by that other half it took us both so long to find. Small wonder that... Continue Reading →


Walk with me a little while, on this road I traverse. Though we are but two strangers, searching for our way, please bless me with your shadow, strolling next to mine, I know not whence it was you came, you ask me where I'm headed. Yet with you walking next to me my destination matters... Continue Reading →


Wrap your arms about me, as we ride across this desolate land. Pull me close and never let me go. Place your gentle hands in the chinks of my armor, to stifle the torrent of pain, flowing from the wounds I bear inside. Feel the quake of life against your palms as your precious heart... Continue Reading →

What Do You See When You Look At Me?

Insecurity is a parasite that devours my best intentions, Anxiety robs me daily of my ambitions, Every morning I put my heart on my sleeve And a coffin filled with pain on my back. Between catastrophes that define me, I can almost find time to breathe. Most of my life has been squandered, Trying to... Continue Reading →

A Port (p. 2)

Brother do you think me a madman? Father have I let you down again? Mother do you fear for my future? Well understand please, if you care to. Deeper yet, I plead with you to see, Immerse yourself for once in my world, Swim in my ocean of hurt. If you can stand the tide... Continue Reading →

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