Rolling Stone

It's hard to believe I was once so deceived, that I ever gave my trust That your love was really lust, It was something I could not see, that you hated you, then hated me, Keeping your misery company that's why these things were done to me, Why the breathless dream we crafted would soon... Continue Reading →

Travelers II

Who can say with certainty, In what far-off realm these paths that our souls follow first met, And became so inextricably intertwined? Your heart and mine, always beating in rhythm, yet cursed to pulse in solitude, until at last completed by that other half it took us both so long to find. Small wonder that... Continue Reading →


Walk with me a little while, on this road I traverse. Though we are but two strangers, searching for our way, please bless me with your shadow, strolling next to mine. I know not whence it was you came, you ask me where I'm headed. Yet with you walking next to me my destination matters... Continue Reading →


Barely 9 o’clock Too early to sleep I’m climbing the walls Tryin to fight these withdrawals Wishing I felt more complete Dreams turn to nightmares See monsters each night They’re under my bed Tryin to get in my head And I’m much too tired to fight Restless and pacing And watching the clock But I’m... Continue Reading →

Wishing for Dreams

All the things I left alone or thought I had, sneaking into my dreams powerless I am as these phantoms assail me, I awake with a shiver, frightened by where I have been the place I had returned too, and yet when I fell back into the void I was there again, the last place... Continue Reading →

What You Took From Me

The question plagued me since we parted, if I had lost the ability to write poetry, if you had taken all the music from my heart, I had to know if it was in me still, to watch the banks of the river spill, to tap back into that well, and share with the world... Continue Reading →

The Healer

Tell me please, Can I be your healer? If I place my hands on your wounds, Those wounds I am responsible for, Will you feel the warmth of my glowing finger tips? Will the pain fade and the bleeding cease? Or am I destined to only make your bleeding worse? Will you flinch at my... Continue Reading →


This is dedicated to the victims of injustice. Those locked in cages like beasts, treated as less than human for their ideology, for standing up for what they believe to be the truth. And most importantly, for the brave men who have sacrificed their physical well-being by way of starvation in order to instruct the... Continue Reading →

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