"The thoughts attached to the real desire of the seeker will lead us to him and him to us." - Anonymous poster found on a Parisian wall circa 1622


"The tree stretched upwards, crawling up the cliff. Kilometers of twisted growth, climbing higher than the mind could comprehend. Any sense of scale was lost in the vastness of the plant and cliff. Its branches stretched out like the limbs of some animal, reaching out to find finger and toe-holds, invisible from below. Thousands of... Continue Reading →

Quote From A Reverend In L.A.

"We wrestle not against flesh and blood. We are fighting against principalities and evil wickedness that is in high places. What you see in this hood is manufactured. Somebody is causing this, we are just the affected.  There is a vested interest when you got trillion dollar corporations investing in prisons.  Come on brother, you... Continue Reading →

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