Wee Willie Winkie

Wee Willie Winkie tip-toes through the streets Up stairs down stairs in his stocking feet, Tapping at the window, prying on the locks, The children huddle in their beds afraid to breathe or talk   Hey Willie Winkie are you breaking in? A fox inside the chicken-coop with all the sleeping hens? The dog’s dead... Continue Reading →

Floating On Ice

The following is the written account of J. Morris Rollins, sole survivor of the sinking of the MS Estrella, dated 8 Jun 1915. Being only a passenger and therefore not possessing any special knowledge of the events that led to the sinking of the cruise-liner Estrella I will confine my account to my own personal experience during my time... Continue Reading →


If ever a machine was truly unhappy, Dack Ordee was that machine. His remotely humanoid build allowed him the ability to squat in the shadows of the barn in which he hid. But it was uncomfortable and Dack knew he looked ridiculous. He hated the way his rusty joints squeaked and ached when he sat.... Continue Reading →

The Path

Far out over the highlands, and across the moors, where civilized men scarcely roam, and the ones who do return with wild tales of strange spirits and even stranger happenings, out in the far reaches of the wilderness where pagan deities still hold nature in their thrall, there is path. A lonesome, desolate path, once... Continue Reading →

Yurei or The Suicide Forest

The stillness of the air was heavy. Meiko took comfort in sound of the nylon cord as it unrolled in her hand. It seemed strange, to find comfort in such a thing, in this place. 97, 98,99...she counted the paces and when she reached one hundred she turned to the nearest tree and wound the... Continue Reading →

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