The Depths of HERoin Love

For four years, I chased the same fix. I loved it, and still I ended up hating myself, every minute of every day. I really loved it though. Many people call it a sickness, and I won't deny it, but when I was under that spell, you couldn't have convinced me that it wasn't the... Continue Reading →

The Other Side

Tranquil waters hide the greatest depths. I have seen it, dove into this ocean of mystery, nearly drowning in my attempt. Nonsense, you say, how could you drown here beneath the waves where you were born? You would think me a liar, but give me a moment to explain. Drowning is what I did, but... Continue Reading →

The First Man

At first there was a man. Just one. He didn’t have a name because there was no one to name him. So he asked the Stream, “Stream, who am I?” But the stream just laughed at him and carried on its way. Irritated but undeterred the man went to Tree and asked again, “Who am I?” In... Continue Reading →

Lamentations Part 6

I made certain to be gone when Tatti returned from work. I no longer cared what the judenrat or their swine masters thought of me or my behavior, but I had told Tatti I would go to work, and the last thing I wanted was to hurt him during this time. I hung around in the... Continue Reading →

Lamentations Part 5

The first night that Aaron failed to return home, Tatti said nothing, though I sensed a new tension beneath the familiar dourness of his features. There had been rumblings in the ghetto of late. Rumors had circulated of increased deportations, of the ghetto being liquidated. No one knew the truth but gossip was rampant. A... Continue Reading →

Lamentations Part 4

As I sat on the stoop of our building one afternoon, re-reading one of my precious books for the umpteenth time, four German soldiers came walking down the street in my direction. If I had not been so lost in my thoughts I would have noticed the streets clearing at their approach, and slipped away... Continue Reading →

Lamentations Part 3

There was always too little to eat in the ghetto. As time passed it became more and more difficult to acquire food. There were no potatoes, the bread ration we were granted was meager, when we got it at all. What vegetables we obtained were often rotten or vermin infested, in addition to being sparse.... Continue Reading →

Lamentations Part 2

At the cemetery on Bracka street we buried my sister. It had been five days since she was taken from us, murdered by an unseen evil. I remember little of her funeral except for how crowded the cemetery was with grieving people. We were fortunate to be able to give poor Esther anything that resembled... Continue Reading →

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