The Enemy Inside

  I never open up to anyone about how truly dark some of my thoughts are. I am not exaggerating when I say that I am truly terrified of myself. There is another of me living in my skin. My enemy. The inner me. Call me Jekyll or call me Hyde it makes no difference.... Continue Reading →


Bridging The Gap Between Your World And Mine

Expressing myself to others is extremely difficult. I lack not the words, but somehow my meaning is lost in the transmission. Discoveries glorious enough to compel me to share them with others are reduced to rudimentary mockeries of that which I had thought so grand. My thoughts are forced into the parameters of the listeners... Continue Reading →

Gumball Puzzle Machine

I don't like puzzles. People find them absorbing for a reason and I understand that, which is why I don't care for them. If I only have so many minutes to actually be alive on this earth, and I have to spend most of them either in a coma, working, or performing bodily functions, I... Continue Reading →


Pacing in circles, I pause for a moment and listen to the scritch-scratch of a million claws as the rats of this world scurry through the maze that surrounds my cell. The sound of them is a constant white noise, grinding out my ability to think as I pace my heartbeats away. The rats have... Continue Reading →

To Creart

Until I bled for something I had not lived. Before I knew what it was like to suffocate, the springtime air held no magic. I did not know the depths of sadness, or of joy, until I had loved with all of me, and lost it all in turn. The world around me is grey... Continue Reading →

Babel’s Ladder

When I sit to write I choke. My hands, not needing an excuse, cramp, tingle and shoot fire through my finger tips as I torture them on these keys. How can I express what I feel today? If I left his entire page blank it would not be enough to convey the emptiness inside of... Continue Reading →

Miss Takes

I thought that Miss So-and-So understood but it was another one of my many mistakes; mistakes which are often misunderstood because my intentions are misread. I should be used to misunderstandings but the misinterpretation of my deeds never fails to make me feel like I'm missing out. I know I am a mystery to the... Continue Reading →

Man In The Mud

Clawing my way upward through the mire the thought of a fresh breath becomes a frantic yearning as each hopeful inhalation further fills my airways with muck. I want to quit, I have no more strength to continue. No matter how hard I struggle it seems I will never reach the surface, at least not... Continue Reading →

Running From Myself

Although I travel a thousand miles in a day, when I reach my destination I find myself waiting in desperation. Wherever I am I suppose I will always be me, no matter how much I wish to be someone else. At home I found the struggle to be more oppressive, and more hopeless, but it... Continue Reading →

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