Lamentations Part 5

The first night that Aaron failed to return home, Tatti said nothing, though I sensed a new tension beneath the familiar dourness of his features. There had been rumblings in the ghetto of late. Rumors had circulated of increased deportations, of the ghetto being liquidated. No one knew the truth but gossip was rampant. A... Continue Reading →


Lamentations Part 4

As I sat on the stoop of our building one afternoon, re-reading one of my precious books for the umpteenth time, four German soldiers came walking down the street in my direction. If I had not been so lost in my thoughts I would have noticed the streets clearing at their approach, and slipped away... Continue Reading →

Lamentations Part 3

There was always too little to eat in the ghetto. As time passed it became more and more difficult to acquire food. There were no potatoes, the bread ration we were granted was meager, when we got it at all. What vegetables we obtained were often rotten or vermin infested, in addition to being sparse.... Continue Reading →

Lamentations Part 2

At the cemetery on Bracka street we buried my sister. It had been five days since she was taken from us, murdered by an unseen evil. I remember little of her funeral except for how crowded the cemetery was with grieving people. We were fortunate to be able to give poor Esther anything that resembled... Continue Reading →

Lamentations Part 1

The following manuscript was discovered in the chimney of a nineteenth century apartment building in the city of Lodz, Poland in 2010. Although partially damaged by smoke and moisture, the writing was remarkably well preserved. Any changes or additions to the manuscript were intended for clarity and are noted when they occur. Spelling and grammatical... Continue Reading →


I came alive on a crisp mountain morning, with first sun rays to crest the mountain and find there way through the blinds to where I lay as one dead. With fluttering eyelids I took in that bright orange glow, comforting in its promise of warmth to come. Something inside me was different than the... Continue Reading →

In the tomb

Is human connection an illusion? Do we all just choose to believe what we want to believe about our place in this world? Is anyone truly at peace with where they are, with who they are? My place is fragile shell that will crumble under the slightest pressure. Inside remains the same emptiness that I... Continue Reading →

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