Me Without You

Without you there is nothing. To spend eternity lost in your gaze, is too short a time. You are the ground beneath my feet when I feel I have nowhere to stand, and you are all of the stars in my universe when the blackness of the night time sky fills me with melancholy. Our... Continue Reading →

Rolling Stone

It's hard to believe I was once so deceived, that I ever gave my trust That your love was really lust, It was something I could not see, that you hated you, then hated me, Keeping your misery company that's why these things were done to me, Why the breathless dream we crafted would soon... Continue Reading →


This is dedicated to the victims of injustice. Those locked in cages like beasts, treated as less than human for their ideology, for standing up for what they believe to be the truth. And most importantly, for the brave men who have sacrificed their physical well-being by way of starvation in order to instruct the... Continue Reading →

Shelter Me

My only power is my greatest weakness Although I hide my pain inside this fragile fortress I give myself completely to anyone and everyone Who come strolling down the path into my heart. Past the blindness of the gargoyles that I built To watch over all that makes me vulnerable. Through the walls of clay... Continue Reading →


If ever a machine was truly unhappy, Dack Ordee was that machine. His remotely humanoid build allowed him the ability to squat in the shadows of the barn in which he hid. But it was uncomfortable and Dack knew he looked ridiculous. He hated the way his rusty joints squeaked and ached when he sat.... Continue Reading →

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