I came alive on a crisp Colorado morning, as the first rays of sunlight grace the mountains, revealing again their regal splendor, then find there way through the blinds to where I lay as one dead. With fluttering eyelids I took in that bright orange glow, comforting in its promise of warmth to come. Something... Continue Reading →


Looking ever forward towards what? The hope of a peaceful death? An end to the madness that defies your journey towards knowledge, towards self? Needing more, you reach for it groping in the dark, a blind man in the sun. You put the universe in ordered terms yet it remains beyond your ability to understand.... Continue Reading →

My Castle

These stones were once a castle Now a jumbled mass of rock, All that is left to remind the world, Of what it was that once stood here, As the sun crests the horizon, Its rays are broken by this waste, Creating a shady spot amongst the debris, In which a man sleeps. This man... Continue Reading →

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