My heart is heavy but I must press on. There are those that need me and I cannot afford to fold, though the way ahead is unclear and my footsteps uncertain. Sometimes it seems that all I have known is pain and I must remind myself of the truth. Of happy days and laughing, holding... Continue Reading →


"As long as we have faith in out cause, and unconquerable willpower, salvation will not be denied." - Winston Churchill


I may bend but I will never break. Through all things, I endure. Though I am scarred and ripe with bruises, I have survived, while the storm that assailed me has died away. Still, I am not the same. Whereas I once stretched out, trying to pluck the moon from its perch, my arms are... Continue Reading →

I Remain

Salvation will not be denied me. I am preparing myself for the rest of eternity, and I plan to live forever. Come with me if you have the courage. Footsteps leave a trail you can trace a quarter of a century into the past, only a dent in the storied history of our young world... Continue Reading →

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