I am not a fideist. For reason is that most precious gift, that drives me to question, with a skeptic's eye, the fantasies espoused, and cloaked as truth apparent. Still I must acknowledge, the mystic quality of paths that I have walked, through forests enchanted, and the ethereal nature, of fields in which I've wandered,... Continue Reading →


Upon the infinite reaches of this eternal branch perched, gazes slant across the ruins of an ancient age. Permanence of emperors and gods, sweeping across time's forgetful visage, unaware they are of the same who fell before. From antiquity to futures unforeseen, nestled in the dark bosom of a chasm unabridged, hope lies in wait,... Continue Reading →


Looking ever forward towards what? The hope of a peaceful death? An end to the madness that defies your journey towards knowledge, towards self? Needing more, you reach for it groping in the dark, a blind man in the sun. You put the universe in ordered terms yet it remains beyond your ability to understand.... Continue Reading →


The soul is the fire of the body, burning through its small supply of fuel in search of the unattainable. Hunting, roving above the dark waters and rolling fields of its mother. Faster and brighter the flame glows. From time to time it mingles with the light of others until the shadows begin to grow... Continue Reading →

I Remain

Salvation will not be denied me. I am preparing myself for the rest of eternity, and I plan to live forever. Come with me if you have the courage. Footsteps leave a trail you can trace a quarter of a century into the past, only a dent in the storied history of our young world... Continue Reading →

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