Enter The Dragon and St George

Every time I think I have found myself I look over my shoulder and see me doing all of the horrible things I did to get where I am. The ground quakes My knees shake And I fall to the ground, begging a God I do not know for a forgiveness I will never attain.Because... Continue Reading →


I am Mowgli who has slain the beast, that great tiger who promised to devour me. I dance upon his corpse for the battle is won, and I am triumphant. But the wolves I imagine have come alive. I can see their eyes glowing from the shadows around me, like hot embers from a dying... Continue Reading →

The Enemy Inside

  I never open up to anyone about how truly dark some of my thoughts are. I am not exaggerating when I say that I am truly terrified of myself. There is another of me living in my skin. My enemy. The inner me. Call me Jekyll or call me Hyde it makes no difference.... Continue Reading →

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