Flowers and Such

Its been two and a half years since I wrote this, and more than a year since I last felt this way. As far removed as I am from the madness of the cage I lived in, I can still remember the pain, the deception, the shame I felt as I blamed myself for everything,... Continue Reading →


Barely 9 o’clock Too early to sleep I’m climbing the walls Tryin to fight these withdrawals Wishing I felt more complete Dreams turn to nightmares See monsters each night They’re under my bed Tryin to get in my head And I’m much too tired to fight Restless and pacing And watching the clock But I’m... Continue Reading →

The Depths of HERoin Love

For four years, I chased the same fix. I loved it, and still I ended up hating myself, every minute of every day. I really loved it though. Many people call it a sickness, and I won't deny it, but when I was under that spell, you couldn't have convinced me that it wasn't the... Continue Reading →


I came alive on a crisp Colorado morning, as the first rays of sunlight grace the mountains, revealing again their regal splendor, then find there way through the blinds to where I lay as one dead. With fluttering eyelids I took in that bright orange glow, comforting in its promise of warmth to come. Something... Continue Reading →

The Outlaw

Born of blood and raised on violence, the life of a rider it was all that he knew.   He was an outlaw of course. The rabid son of Harley Davidson, living life faster than the law allowed.   Death had begot him and he begets murder in turn. A temper hot as the sun,... Continue Reading →

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