This Life

Life is a journey towards death. All roads lead to their inevitable end, and we the travelers move each day one step closer to the termination of the path we call life. Some of the roads we walk are long, turning and twisting along their way, while others are a direct path to that final... Continue Reading →

The Depths of HERoin Love

For four years, I chased the same fix. I loved it, and still I ended up hating myself, every minute of every day. I really loved it though. Many people call it a sickness, and I won't deny it, but when I was under that spell, you couldn't have convinced me that it wasn't the... Continue Reading →

Wishing for Dreams

All the things I left alone or thought I had, sneaking into my dreams powerless I am as these phantoms assail me, I awake with a shiver, frightened by where I have been the place I had returned too, and yet when I fell back into the void I was there again, the last place... Continue Reading →

What Have We Really Won?

"The Only Thing We Have To Fear is Fear Itself" 1964 - War on Poverty Campaign Announced 1971 - War on Drugs Officially Begins under Nixon 2001 - Invasion of Afghanistan kicks of the “War on Terror” Since the 1960’s we seem to have become a profoundly unhappy people, constantly focusing on the divisions between... Continue Reading →


The following manuscript was discovered in the chimney of a nineteenth century apartment building in the city of Lodz, Poland in 2010. Although partially damaged by smoke and moisture, the writing was remarkably well preserved. Any changes or additions to the manuscript were intended for clarity and are noted when they occur. Spelling and grammatical... Continue Reading →

Lamentations Part 5

The first night that Aaron failed to return home, Tatti said nothing, though I sensed a new tension beneath the familiar dourness of his features. There had been rumblings in the ghetto of late. Rumors had circulated of increased deportations, of the ghetto being liquidated. No one knew the truth but gossip was rampant. A... Continue Reading →

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