Far from Home

I stand at the foot of the mountain. My hand shields my gaze as I peer upwards, And inwards. The wind swirls about my naked knees as I start my ascent. I listen to its howl and realize it is my own voice, Desperate for a counterpoint, a harmony, anything. The cry of my soul... Continue Reading →

Miss Takes

I thought that Miss So-and-So understood but it was another one of my many mistakes; mistakes which are often misunderstood because my intentions are misread. I should be used to misunderstandings but the misinterpretation of my deeds never fails to make me feel like I'm missing out. I know I am a mystery to the... Continue Reading →


If I should never return Let your mind turn from grief And your eyes be dry of tears. Although it may be hard to understand Why I am no longer part of your life I hope you never think That you were not the biggest part of mine. I had to go and find my... Continue Reading →

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