Me Without You

Without you there is nothing. To spend eternity lost in your gaze, is too short a time. You are the ground beneath my feet when I feel I have nowhere to stand, and you are all of the stars in my universe when the blackness of the night time sky fills me with melancholy. Our... Continue Reading →

Unholy Spirit

Your pain is not your own it belongs to me. Though I am not the cause I have bathed in your misery and drank it down until it made me sick Maybe someday I will know what it means to be happy. These days there are many times that I think I am. Then I... Continue Reading →

Travelers II

Who can say with certainty, In what far-off realm these paths that our souls follow first met, And became so inextricably intertwined? Your heart and mine, always beating in rhythm, yet cursed to pulse in solitude, until at last completed by that other half it took us both so long to find. Small wonder that... Continue Reading →


Walk with me a little while, on this road I traverse. Though we are but two strangers, searching for our way, please bless me with your shadow, strolling next to mine. I know not whence it was you came, you ask me where I'm headed. Yet with you walking next to me my destination matters... Continue Reading →

The Depths of HERoin Love

For four years, I chased the same fix. I loved it, and still I ended up hating myself, every minute of every day. I really loved it though. Many people call it a sickness, and I won't deny it, but when I was under that spell, you couldn't have convinced me that it wasn't the... Continue Reading →

Wishing for Dreams

All the things I left alone or thought I had, sneaking into my dreams powerless I am as these phantoms assail me, I awake with a shiver, frightened by where I have been the place I had returned too, and yet when I fell back into the void I was there again, the last place... Continue Reading →

What Have We Really Won?

"The Only Thing We Have To Fear is Fear Itself" 1964 - War on Poverty Campaign Announced 1971 - War on Drugs Officially Begins under Nixon 2001 - Invasion of Afghanistan kicks of the “War on Terror” Since the 1960’s we seem to have become a profoundly unhappy people, constantly focusing on the divisions between... Continue Reading →

Climber [redux]

Above me the moon watches over another sleepless night. Its ghostly splendor an immutable backdrop against which the turmoil of my life plays out in stark contrast. Reveling in that wonder, I lift my hands into the night sky. I am Babel. My height is without measure. The span of my outstretched arms is like... Continue Reading →

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