Rolling Stone

It's hard to believe I was once so deceived, that I ever gave my trust That your love was really lust, It was something I could not see, that you hated you, then hated me, Keeping your misery company that's why these things were done to me, Why the breathless dream we crafted would soon... Continue Reading →

Travelers II

Who can say with certainty, In what far-off realm these paths that our souls follow first met, And became so inextricably intertwined? Your heart and mine, always beating in rhythm, yet cursed to pulse in solitude, until at last completed by that other half it took us both so long to find. Small wonder that... Continue Reading →

What You Took From Me

The question plagued me since we parted, if I had lost the ability to write poetry, if you had taken all the music from my heart, I had to know if it was in me still, to watch the banks of the river spill, to tap back into that well, and share with the world... Continue Reading →

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